Me and my group have been given a task in our Philosophy class. We are to report the topic about “Man and God”. Here are some of my thoughts in our report.

The topic we had  focuses on the “Existence of God”. All through other topics we discussed in this class has always been pointing to one’s search of meaning and purpose.

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. – Wikipedia 

Philosophy is both a science and an art which involve a study of things within the grasp of man’s power to learn the causes and the reasons of his search for the ultimate explanation of his existence

Man has a continuous pursuit of meaning and purpose. I know that we can agree with that. But no matter how much knowledge we have there is still parts of us that wonders “How we are made?”, “Why are we here?”. To start with the topic of Man and God one must ask:

Does God Exist? 

Some would say that God is dead, a fairy tale, and some would believe that God does not exists because we humans are highly evolved animals. If you ever believed one of these, let me ask you one thing? “Where do you get your purpose in life?” 

God does exist. 

THE GOOD NEWS IS: All of your continuous pursuit of purpose and meaning in life has been revealed. 2000 years ago, God became man in Jesus Christ He died for you and me so that we would realize our worth. How wonderful it is that in our pursuit of purpose and meaning, God pursued us to tell that you and me have worth.

“Our worth points to the existence of God.”

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